Playing With The House's Money

As the Carolina Panthers went into their January 10th playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks, coach Ron Rivera said that his team was "playing with house money". Lifting a phrase from the gambling world, he meant that his team had defied the odds just to be in the playoffs and they had nothing to lose in the game.

This can be an incredibly liberating feeling.

Sadly, the Panthers didn't win, but I've been turning that phrase around in my mind ever since. 



I still remember a nightmare that I had as a young boy. In my dream, I was in the woods behind my childhood home, and a monster was chasing me. Terrified, I ran home and burst through the door of my house. To my horror, it was empty. No mom or dad, no brother, no furniture, nothing. As an eerie wind blew threw the open windows, I realized that my home had become just an empty, vacant building. I ran next door to where my grandparents lived, and found the same thing. I was utterly and completely alone. And the monster was still coming...





"Jackson Browne saved my life."


I was playing recently at an outdoor venue, and an older gentleman stood nearby and listened intently. When I stopped for a short break, he walked up to me. “You sound a lot like Jackson Browne”, he said. I’d never heard that comparison before, and being a big fan of Jackson Browne, I took it as a huge compliment. “Jackson Browne saved my life”, he went on. As a lover of stories, I knew this would be a good one. So I asked him to explain.



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